«Establishments by the successful restaurateurs Borisov-Yampolskiy are doomed for public love and recognition.»

Time Out Magazine Russia

«An ultra-democratic place with worthy food and an excellent bar menu. Everything you need for long intimate get-togethers in an almost family-like environment.»

Big City Magazine

«…all the places from Dmitry Borisov and Dmitry Yampolskiy (Mayak, Gogol, Jean-Jacques, Apshu, ets.) are almost ideal in evening-both from the point of clientele (drinking intelligentsia plus exparts) and from the point of atmosphere…»

Afisha magazine

«Sometimes, we journalists come up with an image so seductive, so complete and easy to use that we keep running with it regardless of how well or poorly it reflects realty. Russia’s “middle-class revolution”, also known as the “Jean-Jacques revolution”, named after a Moscow chain of bistros, is one such image.»

The Guardian
Table Talk projects:

Table Talk was founded by Dmitry Yampolskiy, Mitya Borisov and Igor Galkin in 2002 with the launch of its first Jean Jacques restaurant. The Group has since expanded to include 35 operations-across two cities, including clubs, restaurants, brasseries, pubs and cultural projects.

The ethos of Table Talk is that every restaurant should be different, with its own individual personality, yet all sites benefit from a shared atmosphere of cultured cosmopolitanism. Table Talk venues are lively and effervescent, yet relaxed and friendly.

Table Talk projects are regular award winners and have been nominated recently for “Best restaurant of year” by Menu&Chequeand also the Russian Time Out Eating&Drinking Awards.

Table Talk Group is now looking for suitable venues in London and Berlin to begin its expansion outside of Rissia.

Igor Galkin

Mr Galkin is a prominent business-
man, restaurateur and philanthro-

He is a founder and member of the board of the public National Com-
puter Corporation and an angel investor in various international start-up projects with years of ex-
perience under his belt. Mr Galkin is a serial entrepreneur who brings flawless direction and practical business management know-how to each step of the development of the Table Talk Group. Mr Galkin spends most of his time in London.

Dmitry Yampolskiy

Mr Yampolskiy is a lawyer by train-
ing and a founding partner of the established Moscow based law firm of Sedov & Yampolskiy LLP. Mr Yampolskiy brings his interna-
tional legal expertise to Table Talk.

Outside of his succeful law prac-
tice, Mr Yampolskiy acts as the chairman of the board of the chari-
table foundation Vera and co-owns a photo gallery “Dust & Scratches”.

Mr Yampolskiy is the mastermind behind the creation of the hugely successful Table Talk Group in Russia and is an indispensable part of its growth and develop-
ment. He operates as Table Talk’s Chief Executive.

Mitya Borisov

Mr Borisov is a well-known restaura-
teur and founder of many happen-
ing clubs and bars in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Mr Borisov has been the driving force behind the hugely successful club Mayak and many other celebrated haunts such as Apshu, Gogol, Flat 44, etc.